Eat Drink & Be Mary: My Weekend in Pictures


My Weekend in Pictures

This weekend was Homecoming, therefore, the Homecoming festivities began on Thursday with "Lion's Growl."  Lion's Growl is very similar to a high school pep-rally.  Considering the size of Mars Hill you might as well call it a high school; everybody knows everybody, word spreads faster than you can imagine, heck at my actual high school there were more students than here at Mars Hill.  Anyways we (BMC) always performs at Lion's Growl and it essentially kicks off homecoming weekend.  

My view Friday morning-makes getting up before 7am a little better, if that's even possible.   Also, I am in love with my Friday outfit of the day (OOTD); courtesy of my roommate's closet.  She has the CUTEST clothes!!  


Friday night a lot of alumni came up, and the reunion was nothing shy of a blast.  The night out of the town was much needed, and I loved hanging out with all the alumni, my best friend, and our boyfriends.  It's times like these that I realize I am so lucky to have met such wonderful people at this tiny, little college.

Saturday was filled with clogging shows, and more Homecoming festivities.  My parents came up to celebrate my birthday with me, how sweet.  Mother nature must have missed when the season's changed because on Saturday it was 81 degrees; and my face got burnt during a 30 minute clogging show-legit white girl problems.  I am seriously considering buying a tanning package after this shameful event.  Anyways, due to the extreme temperatures, considering it's fall in the mountains, we only watched half of the football game--Mars Hill ended up getting crushed anyways; no surprise there. My parents took Thomas and I to Bellagio's for my birthday dinner.  Of course my mom got them to sing to me and bring cake-shoulda seen that one coming.  By Saturday night my roommate and our boyfriends were to exhausted to go out and celebrate homecoming, (I never thought that day would come...I guess that means were getting older).  and we spent the night watching the Food Network Channel-lame, I know.   

This weekend was another successful homecoming and another reminder of how truly blessed I am.  After an eventful weekend, today will be spent on the couch relaxing with this cutie until I have clogging practice.  Have a wonderful week y'all!


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