Eat Drink & Be Mary: My Ghosts of Halloweens Past


My Ghosts of Halloweens Past

In honor of Halloween being today I thought I would share some of costumes of Halloween's past.  Thanks to Instagram's new fad #throwbackThursday, I have seen so many bumble bees, cowgirls, indians and farm animals I have lost count.  Not that I have much any room to talk, I have definitely chose the typical college girl route when picking out some of my costumes.  So I thought it only fair if I brought the screens near you; "My Ghosts of Halloweens Past".  Make you a bowl of popcorn, pull up a seat, and enjoy!

Don't say I didn't warn you--#typical #collegegirl #Indian
aka: Sophomore year 2010

Despite this awful spray tan gone wrong, I was a race car driver my junior year.  Oh you couldn't tell?  Shoulda stuck with being a orange crayola crayon, oompa loompa, or Doritos. 2011.

2011 also happened to be the year I thought one
costume wasn't enough and thought I could pull of being a firefighter 
without a badge or helmet.  #fail 2011

My freshman year--kudos to all of my teammates that put more into their costume than me. Double Mint Twins.  Mrs. Teapot from Beauty and the Beast. Chick Magnet.  Can you spot G.I. Jane?  

Last but not least, my very first Halloween costume.  Congrats Mom and Dad, you successfully dressed me in the least creative, most typical #babysfirstHalloween costume.  I wonder if their pun was intended?  Mary had a little...Lamb

Unfortunately, I do not have more picture of my more adorable costumes worn as a little tot here at college.  I do, however, have plenty of pictures in outfits that only deserve to be worn/seen in public in on Halloween.  Thank you clogging world; I'm sure you have scared the minds of many tots.

We are trees...ya, I don't see it either.

Inspired by Disturbia--possibly dolls?

Considering I've yet to graduate from college, I'm sure this years Halloween costume will present itself as typical and very college-girl-esque.  Stay tuned for a picture of my boo thang and I in our Halloween best.

Happy Halloween my spook-tacular readers!

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