Eat Drink & Be Mary: A Case of the Monday Blues.


A Case of the Monday Blues.

I can NOT believe that it is already the first day of October! It seems like the older I get, the faster times seems to fly by.  I remember the first day of high school like it was yesterday, and here I am finishing out my final semester of college.  

This week kicks off the countdown to my birthday, and those who know me well know that I tend to celebrate my birthday for the the whole week leading up to actual big day.  This year I will be 22, and although it is not a "big" birthday it means that another year is in the books! In honor of last year being the big TWENTY-ONE here are a couple of my favorite pictures of my birthday night spent with two of my favorite cuties: Kat & Heather .

Yesterday, I had a case of the Monday blues for sure! I hit my snooze button a record number of times, causing me to wake up late only to realize I had not packed my lunch the night before.  But after a breakfast consisting of a pumpkin muffin and hazelnut coffee I was back on track and ready for the day! And yes, there are skull shaped ice cubes in my coffee-a little glimpse of
Halloween on the go!

I LOVE baking and my taste-testers (my boyfriend and roommate) equally enjoy the results of my passion for baking.  Monday night, in an attempt to relieve some stress, I baked a chocolate cake with cookies and cream icing.  These were not made from scratch, but they were boyfriend approved, and served its purpose helping de-stress from a day that truly felt like a Monday.  

Today was an ordinary Tuesday, spent with my little 3rd graders.  I thank God everyday I get to work with these kids.  They have caused me to find my passion for teaching again, and I cannot imagine how hard it is going to be to leave them in November.  After school, I had the pleasure of meeting up with one of my best friends from high school, Michelle, to have dinner in Asheville.  I loved catching up with her, and cannot wait to plan the next reunion when I visit Boone.  

Seeing as it is already the first day of October I have brought out all my fall/Halloween goodies and spread them around my little apartment.  I was super excited to find this festive little, and could not wait for it to be socially acceptable to break it out.  So naturally, on this first day of October I didn't miss a beat and began using it  

I was beyond ecstatic to find pumpkins and pinecones covered in glitter.  The last picture is of the tiny little .50 finds from the pumpkin patch in Charlotte this past weekend.  I cannot wait to go to another pumpkin patch closer to halloween to possibly get a white pumpkin in hopes of painting it with my monogram, as well as, a pumpkin to carve of course! 


Happy Tuesday Y'all!
Love, M

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