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Home Sweet Home

Sorry I haven't been posting this week so far.  I have been beyond busy, and slightly stressed.  I know I created this blog as a stress reliever, but occasionally coming up with a blog topic is a little bit stressful and it is hard for me to decide what to write about.  That on top of taking a trip home and clogging practice every day, and teaching full time now has got me a in a tizzy, stressing out, and struggling to find time to sit down and write a quality blog post.  So, now that I have rambled your ear off, you know why I haven't been blogging; but I promise to do better the rest of the week--all two days..ha!

Monday night I got to drive home with my roommate as my co-pilot for a quick visit.  The actual reason I had to go to Boone was to get CPI certified in order to graduate.  But it was definitely a plus that I could make it a 2-for-1 and also see my parents Monday night.

So, my roommate and I spent our entire Tuesday morning and afternoon at our CPI training to better prepare us for classroom management and crisis situations.  But the highlight of that was being able to walk around downtown Boone during our lunch break.  This was such a WONDERFUL opportunity, seeing that I usually don't make time to walk around down town, when I do visit home.  And of course, I couldn't visit downtown without dropping by the candy barrel--darn you sweet tooth!

Growing up in the mountains one thing I love is when the seasons change, and the leaves follow suit.  Watching the leaves change is such a gorgeous sight and a true testimony to God's creation.  I simply enjoy watching the leaves change, and there is no where better to witness this than Boone.  So of course, I just had to take the scenic route home--aka: the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Simply Breathtaking.
Is this view not gorgeous!
Although growing up in a small town was never that enticing to me as a teenager.  Never anywhere to go.  Nothing to do on the weekends.  No chain restaurants.  It just wasn't my cup of tea.  However, I do have to admit, that now after moving out of that tiny little town I thoroughly enjoy going back and visiting.  I don't know if it's the home cooked meals, visiting with family, DVR at my fingertips, or the gorgeous scenery that pulls at my heart more--but I love it!  If you have never traveled to Boone, YOU are missing out!!

Downtown Boone.

The heart of Western Carolina.  
Home of Appalachian State.  
Mountain Living at it's finest. 
Where the leaves change, the tea's sweet and the accents are sweeter. 
Home Sweet Home.

And there you have it!  A slice of Boone; and why I truly believe it's my Home Sweet Home.

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