Eat Drink & Be Mary: Hi my name is Mary and I'm addicted...


Hi my name is Mary and I'm addicted...

They say the first step is admitting you're addicted.  So, here I am today..admitting I'm addicted to Pinterest.  But really, these days who isn't?

But in all seriousness I am fully prepared to plan a wedding, decorate a nursery, completely decorate and furnish a house, and cook almost any recipe using a special trick to make it 10x easier, along with make any lesson plan fun and exciting.  However, I am not engaged, pregnant,  nor a house owner.  Hints where the problem in my addiction comes in--I  spend my free time pinning my days away things that I am not even actually planning for in reality.  But I love it--and doubt my addiction will let up anytime soon.

FALL is here funny #ecards #pumpkin spice #autumn colors

Well considering fall has officially sprung and is plastered all over fall.  Hints the pumpkin spice everything, fall fashion, and holiday filled festive-ness.  Some of most recent pin obsessions:

1. Excuse me I'm drooling as we speak.
Reese Peanut Butter Rice Krispies  Cream Cheese Pancakes
Reese Krispies                                        Cream Cheese pancakes

2. Over sized sweaters, leggings, boots, scarves, and leg warmers--say no more you've captured my heart; in love with these fall fashion pins.  Now if only these items magically appeared in my closet #perfection
My Favorite Things: Fall Fashion 2013!  Extra long shirts and sweaters or cardigans over them with leggings and boots. Not sure these would work as teaching outfits, but cute for weekends!
source                                             source

Fall Fashion Inspiration: More Great Outfits To Choose From | Lady and the Blog

3. Last but definitely not least...I love all the fall/Halloween decor.
pretty halloween decorations <3 Make a statement with simple, sophisticated #pumpkins. Find out how here:
source                                                       source

Well that's it for this week folks!! Have a great weekend, and stop by my Pinterest to check out these pins and more!! See you on the other side of the weekend my loves.

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