Eat Drink & Be Mary: Date Night & Pumpkin Carving


Date Night & Pumpkin Carving

All too quickly it's beginning to feel more like winter and less like fall here the mountains.  And this chick is not prepared.  So in attempt to hold onto the spirit of all things fall and Halloween we carved pumpkins!

Given our night off from practicing, our wonderful boyfriends took my roommate and myself out to eat.  We went to La Caretas, the most scrumptious Mexican place, in Weaverville.  After stuffing my face full of Mexican yumminess, past the point of no turn, my body was not happy with me--I really need to learn to eat slower.  On the bright side, I have lunch for tomorrow :) I love me some leftovers.



I absolutely love carving pumpkins and get a kick out of carving them every year.  This year when Thomas, Heather, Mike and I decided to carve our pumpkins tonight on a whim I was thrilled.  After thirty, okay, okay more like 10 minutes, of Thomas picking out his pumpkin, and analyzing every pumpkin in Ingles, we headed back to our apartment to begin the festivities.  I personally think our pumpkins turned out spook-tastic!

After: Thomas's Pumpkin

After: My Pumpkin

And best of all, Thomas is making us pumpkin seeds--yum!! 

Congrats on almost making it to Friday!! Have a great weekend my loves!

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  1. your pumpkins look soo good, wish mine was as good as yours! :)

    Leyla xx
    Leyla Writes


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