Eat Drink & Be Mary: Coffee Cups and the Post Office


Coffee Cups and the Post Office

I absolutely love getting mail.  I'm not exactly sure why except it makes me feel important or maybe it's because it feels like someone that isn't close by is thinking about me.  Either way, I LOVE it; and get giddy every time I receive mail.

I also, have an obsession recently for coffee cups/tumblers.  I take my coffee to school with me everyday, and my students get a kick out of all the cups I hoard use.  Everyday they comment on my cup, telling me how many different cups I have and which ones they like the best--oh to be in third grade again, it's the little things in life.

How are these two things connected you may ask...

I recently received my birthday present from Care in the mail and love it.  It is super adorable and just adds to the joy that I got from getting mail in the first place.  My mom also got me a coffee cup for my birthday, that says "Hocus pocus I need more coffee to focus."  These are the two cutest cups and I have already put them to good use. Thanks Care and Mom, and Happy late Birthday to me!!

It's sad when you need a second cup of coffee, at 5pm #teacherprobs
cup courtesy of mommy dearest

Well I'm off to finish my, now cold, cup of coffee, watch Halloween themed cooking shows, and grade my little ones work on the Solar System>>their favorite planet is Earth--how freakin' adorable!  

Have a great night y'all; the weekend is so close I can smell it!!

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