Eat Drink & Be Mary: And on October 3rd he asked me what day it was...


And on October 3rd he asked me what day it was...

And on October 3rd he asked me what day it was... #meangirls

Why yes, I did just make the cliche reference to Mean Girls (one of the best "chick-flicks" ever made); and if you think this cliche is stupid then you can't sit with us. ;) 

But seriously it's October 3rd aka: 4 days before my birthday!  And nothing makes my heart happier than quoting Mean Girls than the fact that fall is in full affect.  Bring on the pumpkin flavored everything, bon-fires, candy corn, scarves, boots, and yoga pants, sike those things are worn year round by this girl.

There's a season? In my life, every season is yoga pants and leggings season!
Other than my fall obsession, I have been pondering on what to write about in my blog.  When thinking I ran across this WONDERFUL blog post today by Bonnie at The Life of Bon on "what every new blogger wants to know and every veteran blogger wish they knew when starting out"   This is a must read, and super helpful to me! You can find this post here on Kelly's blog - Eat Yourself Skinny

On a side note, today starts the beginning of the Homecoming festivities; stay tuned for the shenanigans that will take place during this crazy weekend!

Love, M

ps. I really want a customize "signature" for my blog.  I've seen so many cute ones but don't know how to go about this...suggestions?? PLEASE!

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