Eat Drink & Be Mary: September 2013


My Weekend in Pictures

What I love about the blogs I follow is that I feel like those blog posts allow me a window into these peoples lives.  My favorite feature of their blogs posts are the pictures; if you know me at all I love am obsessed with pictures and take them every opportunity I get.  So it only makes sense for my first post to be "My Weekend in Pictures," that gives you a window into my fun filled weekend. This is a post I have seen several blogs do and I LOVE it.   

So here goes nothing..

After a week full of student teaching, Friday involved bonding with the best friend and a much needed dance party sesh.

Saturday I stumbled into my 8am class, half awake and was pleasantly surprised to have received an A on my science test, which made waking up at 8am on a Saturday a little better.  Who am I kidding, Saturdays are for relaxing not 8am classes.

As soon as I finally got out of class my boyfriend, Thomas, and I began our road trip to Charlotte to see my smarty pants best friend, who is now attending Charlotte School of Law.

We ate a restaurant super close to their apartment called East Blvd Bar-B-Q and Grill.  When we arrived at the restaurant I had spotted a pumpkin patch across the street, and literally became obsessed with going.  I'm pretty sure Thomas was ready to throw a pumpkin at me half threw dinner I had brought it up so many times.  So of course after we ate, we picked up two of the cutest, tiniest additions to my fall decor obsession.

Later that night we went out on the town to enjoy the Charlotte night life.

After a fun filled night, my best friend, Carolyn, and her boyfriend cooked up a feast fit for a king queen.  How can you go wrong with bacon?  

Highlight of my day: Care and I visited their local dunkin' donuts and received- 99 cent large iced pumpkin spice lattes and this box of pumpkin flavored k-cups on sale for $7.99 courtesy of National Coffee Day.  If you know me at all you know that I am obsessed with pumpkin everything and was literally bouncing off the walls with joy.
Well that's a wrap on my first blog post and my take on "My Weekend in Pictures."  I officially need to work on shortening this post, however, I hope you enjoyed a window into my weekend.
Have a good week ya'll!

Love, Mary


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